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Providing high quality, figured blanks for craft wood artists since 2007.

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     Welcome to Craft Wood Suppliers, a division of The Specialty Chest, LLC. We have been producing high quality instrument woods since 2007. We cut Big Leaf Maple from western Washington and Acacia Koa on the big island of Hawaii. We have recently added a program of salvaged Hawaiian woods from several different species.

     Check out our large selection of craft blanks, table slabs and figured guitar wood at our online Shopify store, which includes many items not shown here.

     Our wood supply is sustainable and ethically sourced, directly from land owners and their logging contractors, with whom we have long-standing relationships. On Hawaii, we salvage wood from dead and downed trees. Integrity and sustainability is important to us. Over the years, we have developed a strong base of contacts and maintain those good relationships by paying top market for the trees we cut. All of our wood is Lacey Act Compliant.

     We have a strong commitment to honoring the life of the trees we cut and aim for 100% recovery from our wood.

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